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Oh, how good it feels to come home every now and again…

…to all the care and wisdom that first shaped you!


Our exclusive service for proud bow owners provides your bow with the best possible care and maintenance – often far more than a simple rehair!


Our “Bring it home” Service includes the following:


· Our all-inclusive parcel service – if needed, we send you a shipping case in which you can send us the bow. Your bow then comes back to you insured and optimally packaged.


· A visual and functional inspection checks not just the hair, but also the camber, the fit of frog and screw, the ratchet mechanism… everything that needs to work and that was made by us.


· A free quotation via email offers you transparency regarding the expected costs.


As a special THANK YOU for loyal customers:


50% off all maintenance services*


*except bow rehairs


To preserve the value of your bow and your joy of playing, I’m here for you!




Hagen Schiffler-Lustig

Bring it home!

SKU: Bring_Ihn_Heim
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