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Il Monrealese


This model is my early baroque “favorite”, born of the desire to recreate the bow from a painting in a fun and convincing way.


“Il Monrealese” – actually Pietro Novelli (1603-1647) – painted this depiction of the musical competition between Apollo and Marsyas.


The proportions of this bow have been determined directly from the bow in the painting. The choice of material (blackened larch or yew wood for the stick, mammoth bone for the caps and rosewood for the frog) is based on real-life precedents, although the painting, of course, gives no information about the materials.


I also make a version without the dark varnishing, for which I only use domestic materials and omit the bone and tropical wood.


In the last several years, this model has proven highly successful and is used by professional musicians in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, among others.

Early Baroque Bow for Violin or Viola, Treble or Alto Gamba

SKU: VI F MON 2 229
  • Of course, you can put our bows through their paces before making a purchase commitment. For a test phase of one week, we offer to send you a maximum of 3 bows by insured mail. You only pay the shipping costs.


    Attention: this offer is valid for Germany and Austria. Shipping to other EU countries as well as Switzerland and non-EU countries by arrangement.


    For the correct return incl. insurance we send on request a return franking or let pick up the package from you at cost price.


    If you have any questions, please feel free to write me at or call me!

  • Weight: 37,2 g

    Stick length: 63,6 cm

    Stick material: Larch wood

    Frog and Cover: rosewood / deer antler


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