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This is the “Classic” among baroque bows for contrabass and something like the original master template for my contrabass bows. The original is a beautiful violone bow in the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna (SAM 865), which, with a stick length of 80 cm and a hair length of about 62 cm, is really quite a long representative of its type. Based on its length, one surmises that the bow was played underhand, i.e. with a gamba bow hold. The time and place to which the bow is attributed (Austria or Germany around the turn of the 18th century) as well as the many modern reproductions that have been made all corroborate this assumption.


For “standard” playing, I make a shortened version that can be delivered with a clip-in frog (as in the original), a hidden ratchet mechanism or a screw mechanism.


By the way, this is the first model for which I also offer an “aged” or antiqued version, which certainly gives it a little extra something!

The original is made of plum wood, but I often make copies whose sticks use other woods, such as sorb or pear. Besides affecting weight and flexibility, the choice of wood has a crucial effect on the bow’s sound. In this way, the model is highly customizable according to the client’s wishes.

“The Classic” Bow for Contrabass or Violone

  • Weight: from ... to ... 135g - 150g

    Stick length: up to 80 cm

    Stick material: Plum Wood / Sorb

    Tree / Pear

  • In our store...

    you will find the directly available bows.


    From some models I have unsaleable samples that I can send for viewing. They then serve as a basis for discussion on the way to your optimal bow, which I will be happy to make for you personally.

    Customer satisfaction is very important to me in every order.


    A down payment of approx. 1/3 of the purchase price enables the order to be processed quickly. The balance will be paid after satisfaction.


    If, contrary to expectations, the bow does not please, the deposit can be refunded except for a handling fee of 100,- Euro. The circumstances of the order and deposit are subject to personal agreement.


    I look forward to our exchange,


    Hagen Schiffler-Lustig


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