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Regarding the creation of the special “Magister” series for violin, viola, cello; treble, alto, and bass gambas; as well as baroque contrabass and violone:


After more than 20 years of experience in historical bow making, meeting countless professional musicians in one-to-one conversation and at specialized training courses, it was time to bring all the knowledge I had gained together and get to its heart.


Unlike with modern string playing technique, in the “baroque scene” there are a multitude of differing ideas about how the instruments should function. Bowing technique especially – and thus the expectations one has of the bow – can vary greatly.


Despite all these differences, I have nonetheless developed some very basic convictions about what a bow must be able to do, ideas that arose naturally from my intensive work with professional players of many diverse styles. Above all, I expect a bow to function well; this functionality, in combination with excellent workmanship and materials, is a guiding principle of mine. Thus, as an addition to my custom work with individual musicians, I decided to create a high-end standard model for all string instruments of the violin and gamba families.


For this reason, I have named the series “Magister” (Latin for “master teacher”). The name stands for quality, clarity, the joy of playing, and continuous personal development.




Hagen Schiffler - Lustig

Magister Model for Cello

  • Weight: from ... to ... 74g - 78g

    Stick length: 69.2cm

    Stick material: Snakewood

  • In our store...

    you will find the directly available bows.


    From some models I have unsaleable samples that I can send for viewing. They then serve as a basis for discussion on the way to your optimal bow, which I will be happy to make for you personally.

    Customer satisfaction is very important to me in every order.


    A down payment of approx. 1/3 of the purchase price enables the order to be processed quickly. The balance will be paid after satisfaction.


    If, contrary to expectations, the bow does not please, the deposit can be refunded except for a handling fee of 100,- Euro. The circumstances of the order and deposit are subject to personal agreement.


    I look forward to our exchange,


    Hagen Schiffler-Lustig


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