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You would like to send us your bow* for maintenance or repair work, but you have…


… no appropriate packaging materials?

… no time to go to the post office?

… no idea how you should insure the shipment?


We are happy to help with our All-Inclusive Parcel Service!


We just need to know:


· the type of bow (violin/viola, cello, gamba, contrabass)

· the total length of the bow

· any unusual or oversized dimensions – for a contrabass bow especially, the height of the frog is critical…


How it works:


With the data you provide, we prepare a package with a break-proof interior for the safe transport of your bow. This package is then delivered to you; upon receipt, you can simply place your bow (or multiple bows, if agreed upon) inside.


For shipment back to our workshop, a prepaid return label, including the agreed upon insurance, is included with the package. You can either bring the package to the post office or, if desired**, have DHL pick it up from you at home.


When your bow arrives in our workshop, we confirm receipt and prepare a free price quotation regarding the work to be done, which you then receive via email.


After the work is done, your bow is shipped back to you in the same packaging, and you’re welcome to keep the packaging to use again at a later date.




Instead of a stable plastic tube, you can directly order a practical and attractive travel case for your bow! This break-proof case is very well suited for postal shipment within a package.


* You are welcome to send us bows by any maker – we’re also happy to rehair your modern bow!


** DHL pick-up is only available in Germany.

All-Inclusive Parcel Service

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